An EMOM workout, which stands for (Every Minute on the Minute) is a workout regimen that can be used to program most levels of fitness, training goals, and effectively done in most settings!  Every minute frame has a programmed work amount (such as, 10 squats) with the remaining amount of time to be a rest period. For example, if 10 squats took an athlete 24 seconds, they would have 36 seconds to rest until the next minute frame. EMOMs are not only an effective way to build muscle, strength, fitness, and work capacity, but they can also be applied to nearly every aspect of one’s training. The only limitation with EMOM training is a coach’s/athlete’s creativity and understanding of the work to rest ratios necessary for positive adaptation. EMOMs are time efficient, great for team/group settings, and can be modified and integrated to most fitness levels!

LoFitt EMOM 2.png